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Virtual Mental Health Therapy

I support adults experiencing symptoms related to
anxiety, depression, burn out, work life balance and work related stress.
I will work with you to get you back to feeling peace and joy in your life.

Corporate office New York

Hello!   I am Jenny Florez

Jenny Florez, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist in Pleasanton, California.
I provide virtual mental health therapy for adults.  

I am most passionate about supporting adults who experience symptoms related to anxiety, depression, burnout, work life balance and work related stress.  Life seems to move so fast these days and we can quickly lose site of what it is we need, how we are feeling, and carving out time for our self care.

My most recent experience has been in Silicon Valley working on-site for a high tech social media company as well as clients all the way down to Los Angeles who are seeking support with navigating the entertainment industry. 

So now you may be wondering, how can I help?  First, I begin by listening to what you need. As you unpack your story and begin to recognize how symptoms show up in your life.  We will gently begin by identifying triggers, work on developing coping skills for symptom reduction, process emotions and build resiliency.

Just know you are not alone. Even the strongest can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. If you would like to know a little more about me you can find more information on the about me page.  I look forward to helping you restore peace and joy back in your life.


Virtual Mental Health Therapy for Adults 


You are the pilot of your life journey. Meaning you are in charge of your therapy and only you know your destination.  If you are looking to reduce anxiety, find more work life balance, or less stress, my role is to help get you there safely.  If you are trying to keep up with the fast pace world of corporate work demands or trying to find work life balance we will begin by focusing on symptom reduction. We will collaborate together to help inspire you toward reaching your personal goals and get peace and joy back in your life. 

         $200.00 for 50 minute virtual session.
         *I do not accept Insurance at this time.
      (925) 931-2151

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Want to hear more about how I can help?   Contact me today to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

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