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CA LMFT Study Notes for Clinical Exam

CA LMFT Study Notes for Clinical Exam

Hello! Thank you for your interest in my CA LMFT Study Notes for the CA clinical exam.  The notes are 19 pages and they include; Theories, DSM, a brief overivew of Law & Ethics, General Tips and a few quotes for motivation.  The study notes are purposely created to be short, condensed and to the point.   You can print these notes and carry them with you.  My notes are not to replace your study program and I make no promises that these notes are in any way filled, include or offer any magical test strategies to pass the exam. What they are is what I like to call a cliff note version of what we need to study all in one place to help you connect, recall and build your own associations.  The notes are available for immediate download. 


**Disclaimer: The following study notes are just bullet point notes and no vignettes included. The notes are not meant to teach. They are just notes to help with memory recall. My notes are in no way; copied, duplicated or taken from another resource, study program or tutor. Any similarities are not intentional and are by pure coincidence. English is my first language and any wording or familiar similarities are set by the common English grammar rules and proper sentence structure. This study document is fully in “my own words”.  I built this study resource for myself around my 3 failed attempts. I learned over those 3 exam failures that my learning style needed to be more condensed and in a bullet point structure. That's how these notes were born. Please do not share these study notes as some may feel indifferent about my purely coincidental grammatical english wording sentence structure. Thank you!                                       

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